The One Where Ariana Grande was Attacked by an Angel

So the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show has just wrapped up. For the first time, the angels took to London for the show, and what a show it was!

Honorary angel Taylor Swift was asked to perform on the catwalk for a second time following her amazing performance last year and even though home viewers have only been able to see instagram clips so far, it was amazing. Before I continue though, can I just say it’s seriously getting harder and harder to see the difference between the angels and Taylor! She’s literally one of them!

Literally twins! Taylor Swift and BFF Karlie Kloss on the runway
Literally twins! Taylor Swift and BFF Karlie Kloss on the runway
But now to the most entertaining part of the evening. As much as we sit on our couches in awe of these perfect angels whilst we eat bowls of ice-cream and bags of cookies, as mean as it sounds, I don’t know about you, but secretly a little part of me loves a little mishap or trip. This year was perfect. No angel was humiliated by a stumble, had their panties slip down or had a nipslip (which is pretty impressive considering all they’re wearing are wings and lingerie), but whilst pop-princess Ariana Grande was performing her smash single ‘Bang Bang’, angel Elsa Hosk nearly took her out with her pink fluffy wings! The GIF’s and meme’s that have come about after the incident are beyond hilarious!

In case you missed it!



…Closer and…

But hey, at least Ariana has a great sense of humour and took it light heartedly posting on twitter,

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 8.02.35 pm

Bless her soul! I guess we’ll have to wait to watch the entire show on CBS on December 9th. Until then, great work to the graduating angels of 2014!

The 2014 graduating class
The 2014 graduating class
*** FUN FACT: Poor little Ariana Grande (who is my height at 5’0) next to all these 6 foot tall models, was sitting on her publicists back to be seen in this photo! If you look closely, you can just see her in the back row on the middle-right!


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