Happy 21st Birthday to ME! Delayed I know but what a week it has been!

My birthday day itself was only the best day ever! It started with a lovely breakfast with my mum and Tash where we struggled to finish the most incredible breakfast ever! If you’re ever in South Sydney I recommend you eat at Bianco Kitchen at Brighton Le-Sands.

Breakfast at Bianco's
Breakfast at Bianco’s
Next was a surprise trip to the Royal National Park in Sydney! The day started gloomy, chilly and cloudy but by the time we got there, the heavens shone their light through and made the skies smile! I love a good outdoor adventure so this was a perfect way to spend my day.

tash and i
Spontaneous bushwalking adventures
But as if that wasn’t enough, my day was far from over! Next we took a trip to Trampoline World at Olympic Park! It has been on my bucket list FOR SO LONG! And just my luck, as we got there, they were starting a fitness class….HELL YEAH!!! I’ve watched the Kardashains for years partake in such an activity and always wanted to too! It was AMAZING! I recommend it to everyone! It’s so much fun, you actually forget you’re exercising!


And we ended on a cute birthday dinner at Frappe’s.


BUT LET’S SKIP TO ONE SPECTACULAR CELEBRATORY NIGHT! I wanted to do something different to celebrate my 21st! I wanted to just hang with the girls and have a night that no-one would ever forget. So that’s where a fake hen’s night came in! I was a bride-to-be with a veil to a garter! I had a maids-of-honour as well as one big bridal party!

Getting ready for our hens night!
Getting ready for our hens night!

Bride to be
Bride to be

Just part of our bridal party!
Just part of our bridal party!
I ended my celebrations with a family and friends #hastag themed birthday party. #selfiesunday was mine which pretty much meant that I could look my best and pout and pose my life away! I gave my mum the hashtag #mailorderbride so she recycled my sash and veil! a big shout-out to my incredible mother who even made a themed birthday cake and cupcakes from scratch with the logos of different social media’s!


The talent of my incredible mother
The talent of my incredible mother
All in all, my birthday week was exceptional and everything I ever wanted! It was memorable, different and everyone had fun. Can’t wait for this year! Bring it on!


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