ICYMI: Adele and James Corden Carpool their way to the heavens 

Hello, it’s me – is how it started. By the end, there was no way you could love Adele even more. 

It was a long overdue karaoke carpool for the two British born lads, but the wait was so worth it. 

This was Corden’s first carpool back on his home turf, driving on the ‘correct’ side of the road. 

From the old classics to the new beats, we learnt that Adele was our new god. The ride taught us that she’s literally like us! She too gets shitfaced at night, and has terrible hangovers during the day – we’ve all been there. 

Fun Fact: In ‘Hello’, she played the drums!!! 

But hold up, fun fact aside…ADELE CAN RAP! And by that I don’t mean speak really fast, I mean take on Nicki Minaj and own it! Whoahhhh did not see that one coming, word. 

Check out the incredible video below! You won’t regret a second! 



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