Enter Miley Cyrus: Your new Voice judge 

With American Idol coming to an end after 15 seasons, The Voice, is picking up its game and spicing things up for its new season. 

When you want to change the cards, who do you call? Miley Cyrus of course. The 23-year-old confirmed the announcement on Instagram this morning and is set to make some appearances in season 10 as well this now as key advisor but will take on the more permanent role later this year. 

As The Voice tends to only have one female judge on the panel (I wonder if it’s no they don’t see anything like the awkward, uncomfortable and ridiculous stint that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj had on Idol a few years back!), so sadly fans can only assume that this may in fact be the end of Christina Aguilera. I know, when we were just seeing the cute bond between Xtina and Blake Shelton. 

The controversial Miley is definitely set to bring some younger viewers to the show and whether you like her or not, let’s be real, we’ll all be watching to see what crazy outfits she wears each week. 

Bring it on Miley, bring it on. 


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