Welcome to my blog! Let me start by explaining a little about myself. You could say I don’t possess those girl-next-door qualities. I’m by no means simple, well-spoken and well-presented. Don’t get me wrong, I like to think of myself as a lovely, kind and compassionate person but I’m outrageous, very loud, devious and opinionated. I find that people (and by people I mean my mum) find me a little too loud at times so I’ve decided to rescue my mum from the early onset of hearing-aids and create a blog instead.

You know in “Mean Girls” (the most quotable movie in history – I’m happy to debate this with anyone) when they show all the different groups in the school, I don’t think I’d be able to throw myself into just one. How to describe me…if I was a dog I’d be a mutt. My personality is a mixture of just about everything.

I’m currently a journalism student and my biggest passion is the entertainment industry. I live for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. re-runs and thrive on celebrity drama, gossip as well as Zac Efron’s insanely impeccable unbelievable body. I love a good rant (beware I come out strong) and as Taylor Swift’s biggest fan, take personal offence when people attack her.

Music is my life. I’m a self taught guitar, ukulele and piano player and am absolutely atrocious at them all. Although for my shower singing I win a Grammy every day, I have a screechy voice and lack in pitch, tone and everything else accompanied with singing. So maybe I’ll never win a “real” Grammy, but I don’t care. Unless you sew my lips shut tight, no-one will ever stop me from singing – well what I do isn’t classified as singing so let’s say “attempting” to sing.

I like being organised but not in life. I’m very laid back and feel whatever’s going to happen will happen. I’m still a child at heart and the simple things in life make me smile. I love wearing ribbons in my hair because it makes me happy. I believe glitter can brighten up and bring a sparkle to anyone’s day. I’m a big believer in setting and trying to achieve your goals but very laid back and never put pressure on myself. It’s just not worth it. How’s life worth living if you spend the entire time stressed and worried about the future? I’m very adventurous and never afraid to try new things. I love meeting and talking to new people and would love to have a chat with all of you (by this I assume someone’s reading this – Hi mum!).

That’s pretty much me. This blog will be the soundtrack to my life. So put on your headphones (or earplugs) and enjoy it! And if you are a person who gets stressed and worried easily, I recommend throwing some glitter in the air, letting it float down and swimming in it. I promise it’ll brighten your day (besides the cleaning process there-after) – but hey, isn’t that what Mum’s for?


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